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Let's start a Shapes Beauty Love Affair!

Short or long-term, you decide!

Tell us about yourself by answering this survey to win a surprise beauty service!

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1.How often do you visit a Spa, Hair & Beauty or Massage salon?
2. Which treatments or services do you get most often?
3. How happy are you with your current salon?
4. Do you think you get the most value for your money?
5. What makes you prefer a specific salon? (Select all that apply)

6. Are you part of a salon loyalty program?
7. Select any frustrations you may have experienced during a salon booking? (Select all that apply)

8. What makes you visit a new salon? (Select all that apply)

9. Do you buy beauty products in the salon?
10. How much do you currently spend monthly on beauty services?
11. Would you be interested in purchasing a wellness membership program that allows you to receive selected services each month for a fixed price? For example, 1 facial + 1 massage + manicure or pedicure.
12. Which of the following wellness membership programs are you most likely to purchase?
13. How much do you think you should be spending monthly on a wellness membership program?