Eyebrow Grooming Tips

///Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Groom your eyebrow with 6 simple hacks


Who doesn’t want to look good and grab the attention of others? Who doesn’t like it when their Instagram is flooded with likes in their recent selfie? Obviously, everyone does. We all know that eyebrows are the most dominant feature of our face that decides up to 90% of our look. Well-shaped, perfectly groomed eyebrows is a dream for many.

No one likes to see bushy or thin brows that not only dull your face but your confidence as well. Time has come when even men have started paying attention to it. And for those who are still in dilemma about the idea of eyebrow grooming, it will only take you a step closer to your girl.

Follow these steps for perfect brows-

1. Know your eyebrows- The foremost step is knowing the difference between what you have and what you want. Although you see your face daily, take time and notice your eyebrows. See what type of eyebrows you have. Are they identical or there are visible differences between the two? So try to find answers to questions like what type of hair grows there or is it too thick, thin or stiff? Once you know your eyebrows, you would be able to decide which grooming kit suits you the best.

2. Eyebrow shaping- Now that you know your eyebrows, it’s imperative that you choose the best for them. Don’t go for overly shaped eyebrows as they are a girl’s best friend. Instead to complement your masculine look, we suggest you clean, tamed eyebrows devoid of any unibrows. For this, you need an eyebrow comb to know the start and end points of your eyebrows. The distance between your brows should be proportionate. Use a pencil vertically for eyebrow shaping. For the ends, align the comb horizontally from the bridge of your nose to the outside corner of your eyes. This will give a good direction to your eyebrows.

3. Eyebrow plucking- For this, you’ve got to put your hands on few grooming tools like tweezers and eyebrow brush. Eyebrow plucking is the easiest way to clean your brow line. It removes unibrows, unwanted hair without demanding much effort. However, you’ll feel slight pain but we all know “no pain no gain”. You have to brush your eyebrows upward to see which hair has to be plucked out. Also, make sure you stretch your skin slightly before plucking it.

4. Eyebrow waxing- This one is for men who have a bunch of hair in their brow line. Eyebrow waxing is something that requires professionals hand and should be done with utter care. It removes the hair from roots and so it should be done carefully as it will either make or break your look.

5. Eyebrow shaving- This is perfect for men who cannot bear grooming pain. Eyebrow shaving is a bit risky and one has to have a good control over shaving techniques. You need to have a good quality razor to remove unibrows. For a smoother finish, wet the brow area, apply soap and shave the unwanted hair.

6. Eyebrow trimming- Once you’re done with either of the steps discussed above, it’s now time to get your scissors on. Men who have long and dense eyebrows should trim their eyebrows for a neater look. Plucking or shaving will remove the unwanted hair but trimming will give a good definition to your eyebrows.

Try some of these tricks to groom your eyebrows perfectly.

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