Define your looks with perfectly shaped Eyebrows

///Define your looks with perfectly shaped Eyebrows

Define your looks with perfectly shaped Eyebrows

Have you ever thought of getting an eyebrow makeover? You will start thinking about it as you are going to find out what a simple eyebrow makeover can do to your face. Like different hairstyles give your face a completely different look, in the same way eyebrows play a very vital role in making your face look beautiful and different. If one knows, which brows suit their face best then they must do some experiments on themselves. You can take the help of eyebrow pencil, mascara, an eyebrow brush to give a clean shape to your brow that will help your face to look beautiful.

There are quite a few shapes of eyebrows that one can use according to their face structure:

  • For oval faced people it is suggested to try angled brow with softer touch
  • For heart-shaped face one must try rounded brows
  • For square-shaped face one must try soft rounded brows as they soften the sharp feature by giving it a touch of roundness
  • For rectangular face one must try slightly curved brows which gives your face a roundness and gives an illusion of a shorter face
  • For round face arched brows will suit them the best as they would add an edge and definition to the face
  • For oval shaped face one must give a try to soft angled brows
  • If one has a long face then they must try straight brows as they will make your face appear shorter
  • For diamond shaped face one must try curved brows which will balance the facial features

To enhance your facial features one must get their eyebrows set properly. Here are some tips that will help you do an eyebrow makeover yourself.

Skinny to shapely eyebrows

Due to over threading some people may lose good eyebrow hair, which can lead to ultra-skinny appearance. For that one must get extra hair plucked up and then use sketchy light strokes to border the shape of the eyebrow. After that filling it up with quick sketchy strokes can give your eyebrow a thick, wild look which will help to overcome a skinny eyebrow. You may also need to brush the eyebrow downwards so that no one can distinguish between real and fake one.

Over-plucked eyebrows

In some cases the plucked eyebrow hair may never regrow. In that case you can use certain tricks that will help you to shape your eyebrow to make your face look more beautiful. For that one can take the help of a professional with tweezing of stray hair to shift the arch and fill the patches with eyebrow powder. One can also use regrowth serum, not just to moisturize but also to extend the hair’s growth stage.

Eyebrows make our eyes more attractive and noticeable. Get your eyebrows set perfectly shaped so that you can look not just beautiful bust also confident. With all these tips and information you can enhance your facial features to give an appealing and graceful look.

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