Choosing the Perfect Shade of Blonde

///Choosing the Perfect Shade of Blonde

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Blonde

How to choose the Perfect Shade of Blonde


Blonde is the coolest hair color right now. And everyone right from your next door neighbor to your favorite celebrity is sporting this trend. So, why should you stay back in this blonde race? Since the summer season has commenced, it’s time to bid goodbye to the usual browns and butter colors. Blonde is one such amazing hair color shade which is universal and which will suit a variety of skin tone.

Choosing your perfect blonde color might be a bit tricky and thus here we are here to help you in this. Make sure that you study and analyze following tips and tricks to buy the perfect blonde color for you –

1. Warm or cool skin toned – This is the first step to find out if you are warm or cool skin toned. Look at the veins of your wrist. If they are blue or maybe purple then you have a cooler skin tone otherwise if the veins are green then you have a warmer skin tone.

Now, if you have a cooler skin tone, go for ash, beige or baby blonde color. And if you have a warmer skin tone then you must try butter, golden or caramel shades for your hair.

2. Eye Colour – Your eye color is equally important if you want to go for a hair color. Hairstylists recommend that darker eye color people should go for darker blonde color on your hair and lighter eye color people will find lighter blonde hair color better suited to their skin tone.

3. Maintenance Cost – This is a very important point which must be thought of before going with any hair color. Blonde hair color also requires maintenance and regular trips to the salon. So, firstly make a calculation as to how much are you ready to shell for the maintenance. As per a study, platinum blondes require much more maintained as compared to the ombre blondes.

4. Your hair – Make sure that you analyze your present hair condition and then take a recommendation from your stylist as which kind of blonde shade you should go for. Thickness, texture, shine and your hair length will also be very important to determine which blonde shade you must go for.

5. Show Pictures – This is a very important step in communicating with your hair stylist what is the correct blonde shade you must go for. Don’t stick to magazine or gossip terms. Simply show her the picture so that she gets to know exactly what color do you want on your hair.

6. Realistic – Last but not the least you need to be realistic about your hair color demands. You cannot achieve the ditto color which is shown in any of the pictures. The blonde shade which you will get will depend on your existing hair color. If you have a darker hair color than what you are aiming for then certainly it will make a difference to your final hair color.

Above given are some of the easy tips and tricks which will help you to get the best blonde shade for your hair.

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