Facts about Microblading

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Microblading: Perfect eyebrow styling   Microblading is a makeup procedure that partially or completely fills in your eyebrow lines with simulated hair. It is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that women are resorting to for getting those dreamy eyebrows. Not everyone is blessed with thick natural eyebrows, which is why these days we see an increasing number [...]

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Blonde

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How to choose the Perfect Shade of Blonde   Blonde is the coolest hair color right now. And everyone right from your next door neighbor to your favorite celebrity is sporting this trend. So, why should you stay back in this blonde race? Since the summer season has commenced, it’s time to bid goodbye to the [...]

Define your looks with perfectly shaped Eyebrows

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Have you ever thought of getting an eyebrow makeover? You will start thinking about it as you are going to find out what a simple eyebrow makeover can do to your face. Like different hairstyles give your face a completely different look, in the same way eyebrows play a very vital role in making your face [...]