7 Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows Flawlessly

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Best hacks for eyebrow shaping   Getting a perfect shape for your eyebrows is not a cakewalk. It can be really tough if you don’t decide the shape of your brows in advance. Having the right product or skill is not enough, you have to have a clear idea about what shape suits you the best. [...]

Unlimited Benefits of Castor Oil

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Castor Oil: The secret to natural thick eyebrows   Who doesn’t want dense and defined eyebrows? Isn’t it perfect when you get instant results? In pursuit of getting quick results, people often end up using chemical laden products and cosmetic treatments. Initially, everything seems to be easy but using these products for prolonged period offers results [...]

Eyebrow Grooming Tips

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Groom your eyebrow with 6 simple hacks   Who doesn’t want to look good and grab the attention of others? Who doesn’t like it when their Instagram is flooded with likes in their recent selfie? Obviously, everyone does. We all know that eyebrows are the most dominant feature of our face that decides up to 90% [...]