Best Date Night Hairstyles

///Best Date Night Hairstyles

Best Date Night Hairstyles

Are you soon going on your first date and you are left wondering what to wear and how to dress up? Well, here we are to help you and guide you on how to get best hairstyles for your special night.
Keep reading ahead to know some of the best date night hairstyles for you –

1. Half Fishtail Braid – This is a perfect hairstyle for girls who have long and thick tresses. You only need to first comb your hair neatly and then remove all the tangles from your hair. Now, begin with a fishtail braid taking only the upper portion of your hair. Once that’s done keep the rest of your hair open and let it bounce from side to side.

2. Twisted Crown Braid – This hairstyle is perfect for wavy hair type. Here you need to make a loose braid where the hair is loose and tie the braid from one end of your hair to another end. Keep the rest of your hair open and just comb it lightly so that the wavy look is still there.

3. Twisted Bun – This hairstyle is perfect for a matured and serious night. This goes well with both traditional and western outfits. Here begin by combing your hair and then divide it into two equal sections. Now, keep twisting one section upon another so that you get a twisted bun look.  You can either keep pinning each of the section or you can also pin at the end. Make sure that if you keep pinning each of the section then it will be a tighter bun. So, you need to decide beforehand that you want a tighter or a loose bun. Accordingly, you can pin and twist the sections of your hair.

4. Side Bun – This is an elegant hairstyle which is perfect for date nights. Begin by making a side partition to your hair. Now, take the entire hair to one side and begin by twisting the hair sections. Here also you can go for a loose side bun or a tight side bun. Twist and pin your hair accordingly and then keep your side bangs open and hanging in order to give a relaxed and soft look to your face.

5. Headband Half Hair – This hairstyle is perfect for summer date nights. Here you need to make your hair half of its length and secure your hair with a headband. Now, keep rolling your hair and then tighten the end with a secured rubber band. This is perfect to go with short dresses. You can also keep your side bangs hanging side by side to your face which will add up a perfect romantic look to the evening.

6. Loose Fishtail Braid – Fishtail braid is perfect for a relaxed night look. When you want to wear a fishtail braid for a date night then just try a simple and small alteration. Keep it loose with your hair pulled a bit from each and every strand.

Hope these hair styles make you look perfect on your date night.

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