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Together with my wife Reema I created, the Trendz Beauty Group – a family business which over the past 17 years has nurtured a desire to create value-added products and services to the beauty industry and to build relationships through the exchange of beauty cultures of the East and the West.

Experience and an inherent market knowledge paralleled by a unique corporate culture that harbors values of trust and respect, has led the group to become a reference for the creation of unique beauty concepts in the US.Today, we are a group of over 500 people representing the most prestigious brands in the sectors of Beauty, Fashion and Gifts. We manage more than 80 retail outlets. Supported by a dynamic, efficient and committed team of professionals, we continue to successfully manage the group’s strategic development and ensure its long-term success.


Promoting a lifestyle based on a culture of love and respect of all colors & to celebrate the beauty within ourselves by:

    • Enhancing the guest’s beauty experience & allowing our guests to engage, reconnect and identify their beauty through product knowledge & self-awareness.
    • Serving our guests with superior care, pride & loyalty
    • Providing innovation and culture to the beauty business and enhance customer’s experience.
    • Providing affordable indulgence to customers with a distinct environment and the experience of a specialty retailer


To become a world class & reliable retailer of quality beauty services & products by creating a connection between the appeal of the brand and the aspiration of the customer.


Professionalism & passion paralleled by the values of respect, excellence, and creating the wellness experience.


Created by Reema Khan and Mosin Khan in 2003 TBG is recognized as the pioneer of well-known beauty concepts from salons, spa’s, brow bars to the revolutionary concept of a makeover bar. The company merits its place as a leading player in the beauty industry due to its 16 years of unparalleled commitment to the beauty industry providing an exceptional experience of wellness aimed to enhance people’s lives. The SHAPES brand is currently one of the largest beauty and makeover services provider in the US with over 75 locations, supported by a dynamic, efficient and committed team of over 500 professionals. The SHAPES consumer centric, membership-driven beauty centers located exclusively in elite malls have captured the imagination of beauty enthusiasts from all over the US firmly placing the SHAPES brand in the top position of luxury beauty destinations in the US. The SHAPES beauty concepts focus on providing an uplifting beauty experience at affordable prices through the exchange of beauty cultures between the East and the West.


Founder Reema Khan has been involved in the beauty industry for the past 20 years creating some truly revolutionary beauty concepts. Reema’s passion & mission has always been to truly enhance and add value to people’s lives. She is now a US licensed beautician, philanthropist, Guinness World Record Holder, and has worked hard in developing the trade skills that have led to her success.


  • Shapes owns and operates 75 + beauty retail locations throughout the US.
  • Shapes offers premium membership programs providing uplifting beauty services at affordable prices.
  • Shapes owns and operates beauty educational institutes in the US.
  • SHAPES combines value, education and a deep desire to cater to woman’s upliftment through self-development.
  • Reema the founder of Shapes is a world-renowned brow expert a Guinness World Record holder, a certified cosmetologist, a philanthropist, and expert hair and makeup artist, and her passion towards the beauty industry has elevated the the shapes brand to an ‘expert’ in all beauty trends.


    • Create a “Beauty Destination Experience” offering value and convenience for the customer.
    • Provide customers a beautiful welcoming atmosphere to enhance and reconnect with their beauty through a touch of elegance and luxury at everyday prices
    • Be the value destination for essential day to day grooming needs
    • Providing consumers an educated and personalized beauty experience.
    • Combine value, education and a deep desire to cater to the man and woman who loves to indulge in the daily grooming and wellness services yet is constrained with time and money
    • Provide tremendous savings to the budget conscious guest on services and products by offering its widely popular membership programs allowing the people to connect with their wellness in a world class luxurious environment
    • Build brand loyalty through our Professionalism and passion paralleled by the values of respect, excellence and creating the wellness experience.