7 Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows Flawlessly

///7 Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows Flawlessly

7 Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows Flawlessly

Best hacks for eyebrow shaping


Getting a perfect shape for your eyebrows is not a cakewalk. It can be really tough if you don’t decide the shape of your brows in advance. Having the right product or skill is not enough, you have to have a clear idea about what shape suits you the best. No one wants to look like an alien with super thick, unshaped eyebrows that one can easily spot.

The shape of your eyebrow should be such that complements your face cut, elaborates your brow line while giving you the gorgeous look possible. And ladies, we all know that it’s better to be late than a day with bad brows.

So, to help you with the art of shaping and to save your time, we have listed few techniques for sculpting your brows flawlessly:

1. Know the correct starting point- To give a perfect shape to your eyebrows, it’s important that you maintain consistency right from the beginning. The very first step is to know where to start. You can resort to plucking or waxing to give a new starting point to your brow. Also, you can use a professional eyebrow rectifier for the same. Make sure that you don’t apply products that are too close or too far apart from areas where your hair actually starts to grow.

2. Don’t fake it- Never try to imitate someone’s eyebrow that you find attractive. It can be catastrophic and you may look like an ugly witch who scares everyone that comes her way. Rather, try to enhance and elaborate your own eyebrows with various products. Do not play with your natural eyebrows by sketching over your face with an eyebrow pencil. Focus on beautifying your own brows.

3. Enhance your arch- Always concentrate on the arch of your brows as they are the most dominant part of your eyebrow. Apply your eyebrow products lightly on the inner edges while darkening the arch and outer ends of the brows. This makes the natural curve of your brow look more precise.

4. Be precise- Precision is the secret ingredient to attractive and winning eyebrows. Always be sure about the shape and apply the pencil around the outer edges using strokes. You can rest your hand on a flat surface for a smoother application. Apply gel on the inner part of your brow and use a brush for softening pencil edges.

5. Apply concealer- Concealer can make your brow look more dominant and defined. So don’t forget to apply it above and below your brow line. Starting underneath, apply cream concealer along your brow bone and on the top. Use a brush for blending.

6. Right brush- Before applying any product, brush your brows in an upward direction and lift your arch for a more defined look. Use a spoolie to point your eyebrows and apply a gel over it.

7. Use a straight edge- Often we see gaps in the hair of our eyebrow. For this, you can use the side edge of your tweezers and spot any visible bars. Then fill in these gaps for bright eyebrows.
Thus, using these seven hacks, you can shape your eyebrows flawlessly and be ready for any casual, party or office look.

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